mission statement?

Courage is the opening of the heart.

Navigating the north and celebrating the south, wondering. Between my home land of proud young South Africa and engaging in new-aged worlds, finding synergy in working together in countless ways, planting new seeds of global community, within the field of uncertainty.

Weaving interchange amongst communities of practice and networks of change, bumble-being amongst the great flowers, picking at fine scents of power, cross-pollinating for systems-awareness; hosting meaning-full conversations, treasuring purpose-full interactions, harvesting power-full learning.

Contributing enthusiastically to people-projects and potent-places; commemorating the leadership that forms the New, emerging, supporting work of the Future. Playing in this field.

Lost is a place where I find myself connected to many places at one time, to many people in a manifold paradigm. I find too many wandering about Lost, uncertain of Future. Future is certain of us. Slowly, surely we begin to walk in this uncertainty, to honour complexity, for the unity in diversity that we bring – as in nature.

Generating a culture of conscious co-creation.

It is from our human nature that compound social systemics, illogical ecological crises and enormous economic pandemics have emerged. It is through our human nature that we can return to what it is that governs clear thought, clear action and clear understanding. What is the change in your inner climate?

Let it be clear, we are here to make a difference. We have what it takes to recreate healthy living systems, communities of change, societies of value, nations of splendour, and a world of reconnected worth.

Reconnecting the wealth of our families to the health of our planet, the strength of our underlying earth.

nathan daniel
cape town

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