letter of request

Dear Community,

I am Nathan Daniel, a young change maker from South Africa and a citizen of the world, dedicated to community leadership. In 2012 I am taking time to develop my learning and serve communities of social change through co-facilitating deep processes of engagement in Brasil. This includes the Art of Hosting Rio de Janeiro 27-30 April, World Youth Congress 4-13 June, Rio+20 & Warriors Without Weapons 25 June - 25 July in Santos, Brasil.
As this work takes considerable personal sacrifice of time, energy and money, I am seeking support through this crowd-funding campaign to cover my travel costs. If you are willing to support me with a financial gesture, your help will be deeply appreciated.

Having trained in social change and participatory leadership practices through the International Youth Intitiative Program in Sweden 2010, the Art of Hosting global community of practice since 2009 and the School for Warriors Without Weapons 2011, I am beginning to implement this work in multiple communities. My focus is on finding and serving the dreams of these communities through committed participatory leadership practices.

Reason for crowdfund
As these communities are far from my home in South Africa, it takes a considerable amount of travel costs, which I cannot afford on my own. As much of my work is done on a voluntary basis, I am seeking support from the global community to help serve this purpose.

By adding my skills and talent to these meaningful gatherings I am able to serve the leadership and development of magnificent change processes taking place where it matters most.

Track record
I have been a part of leading processes such as these for the last 3 years, including 5x Art of Hosting trainings in Norway, Sweden, South Africa and Brasil, where I co-facilitated the last 3 events. In 2010 I co-produced a youth leadership online media platform in Sweden called Representing Youth, which I took to Istanbul for the World Youth Congress as a co-faciltiator of the Young Journalists cateogry. I have also taken part and co-facilitated 4x Oasis Game in Denmark, Sweden, Brasil and Zimbabwe, and completed the full training in this methodology in Jauary 2011 with the founders Instituto Elos. For more info on my work and resume, please see my profile on LinkedIn.

I will be recording this process on my blog, harvesting great learnings and providing interesting connections to interesting people and projects!

My travel costs for these engagements amount to approximately ZAR 30,000 (about USD 3,750). This is a hefty fee for one, but if divided by 75 people to support equally - it would come to about R400 ($50) each. Therefore, I have allotted 75 “tickets” to my flights at R400 ($50) each, and I am “selling off” my travel costs in this way.

I am now filled with a mixed sensation of nervousness and empowerment having written this request. It is a challenging and bold step to commit to this journey to serve these communities, without knowing where the resources will come from. I cannot do it without the support of a global community who believes in the power and value of this co-work. I am therefore acting in deep trust that the abundance will rise to serve this need, and that the abundance will flow into the communities that grow to serve our global needs. I am learning that it is kind to ask for help.

Thank you for your time and support!

Sharing is caring!

Please do SHARE THIS and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries. If you have any wise ideas, or perhaps a ton of free miles you would like to donate for a flight, please do let me know!

With a deep bow of gratitude and respect,

Nathan Daniel
Cape Town, South Africa

feel free to contact me on email, facebook and/or twitter

PS Here is my talk from TEDxCapeTown on our experience at Warriors Without Weapons 2011

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letter of reference

Dear friends,

As we’ve put out on the Art of Hosting list already, Rio de Janeiro is preparing for its first Art of Hosting training 27-30 April 2012. A beautiful, diverse and powerful group is already gathering. The event is supporting the international travel of myself and Jerry Nagel and the local travel of Maria Barretto and Jose Bueno – all of us on the hosting team. Like many AoH trainings, a portion of the budget is also going to support scholarships for people to come who might not otherwise be able to attend. We expect, like many of the trainings in Brazil, that most attendees will be youth – 30ish and under.

Nathan Daniel from South Africa became connected to this gathering through members of the local calling team who he met while in Brazil for a Warriors Without Weapons training last year. He has brought a lot of intention, passion and commitment to the planning process, including putting the invitation together. Our budget is not sufficient to support his travel to Brazil to continue his journey in deepening his skill and capacity as a host and allow him the opportunity to continue to build connections between Brazil and South Africa. So he is asking for support from the AoH community to make this possible. We would love to have him as part of the team, seeing how he could both grow and contribute.

A note from him is alongside. I am personally willing to contribute $50.00 to help make this happen. Please let us know if it is possible for you to also support him in making one of his dreams come true.

Kathy Jourdain
Shape Shift Strategies Inc.
Art of Hosting Steward

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